Does your business need a one-stop shop for work injuries, pre-employment medicals, workplace health programs or return-to-work programs for inured workers?  Introducing the CQ Doctors Occupational Medicine Service.

About Us


The CQ Doctors Occupational Medicine Service assesses and treats work related injury and illnesses and provides post-exposure assessment and management of blood-borne pathogen injuries (i.e. HIV, HBV, and HCV).

Our Programs

  • Acute Injury Management

  • Provide prompt, efficient and quality medical care to employees who have sustained a work related injury.

  • Repetitive Trauma Management

  • Evaluation of cumulative trauma disorders occurring in the workplace with emphasis on diagnosis, treatment and identification of causative ergonomic stressors.

  • Case Management

  • Coordinate prompt referral of injured employees requiring more extensive medical care to other specialty providers in accordance with medical management guidelines and expedite recommended diagnostic tests and treatment.

  • Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

  • Assessment of potential or current employees to determine if they have the capacity to carry out the duties of a proposed job.



Our Services


  • Guaranteed on- the- day (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excludes Public Holidays) appointments for acute injuries from your worksite

  • Communicate closely with department managers/supervisors that work-related injuries sustained by their employees are reported and evaluated promptly.

  • Collaborate with worker’s compensation case manager to facilitate medical treatment and referral including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy or other specialist services

  • Facilitate completion of ergonomic surveys, safety investigation and job analysis by working closely with Health Safety Managers

  • Work closely with employee’s managers/supervisors regarding employee’s work status and outlined restrictions whether a reasonable accommodation can be made.

  • Provide periodic and episodic medical management of employees with known history of work-related injuries.

  • Manage and provide a comprehensive follow up evaluation of employees with bloodborne pathogen exposure following national infectious disease recommendations.

  • Provide liaison with Workcover Qld and the injured employee to expedite decisions regarding issues of their claims, lost time and medical bills.


Contact Us

CQ Doctors

24 Upper Dawson Rd, Allenstown Qld 4700

Ph (07) 49 214 662


Our Staff


Dr Geoff Cashion BBus MBBS FACRRM FRCEM - Managing Director and Occupational Medicine Practitioner


Jane Kennedy - Practice Manager